The symposium is organized within the ‘Sensation and Perception to Awareness: Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship Programme’ directed by Jamie Ward and Anil Seth at the University of Sussex. It brings together researchers from across neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, robotics, and the arts, with the aim of advancing our understanding of interactions between sensation, perception, and awareness in humans, animals, and machines.

The organisers of Sensory Experiences are:

Beata Wozniak

Pronouns: She/her
I am a doctoral student in Psychology with background in Social Anthropology and Neuroscience. I am interested in how human and animal brains create concepts and representations of the surrounding world. My work as a member of Sussex Colour Lab and Vision Lab focuses on adaptation to natural and colour-inverted environments, as well as colour constancy. I utilise virtual reality to manipulate individual cues in complex environments to identify the type of information needed for maintaining stable colour perception. I have previously been engaged in research on sequence recognition in touch and brain circuitry for visual navigation in insect models.

Can’t wait to see you all in April!

Rhiannon Mae Armitage

Pronouns: She/her
My research focuses on understanding the genetic and neural basis of individual differences in liking for sweet tastes as a marker of risk for developing obesity and consequent type-2 diabetes. Drawing on methods from genetics, psychology, nutrition, and neuroscience such as body composition, functional magnetic resonance imaging and twin modelling. I am also interested in all things ingestive behaviour related and wider sensory responses, inculding multisensory processing. I have previously worked on projects investigating Synaesthesia, brain plasticity and cross-modal responses following sight restoration and most recently a Leverhulme Trust grant on the behavioural and neural-basis of odour-taste associations.

I look forward to meeting you all in April!