Sensory demonstrations

Our sensory demonstrations will run during the dedicated poster and demonstration sessions on Thursday and Friday between 12:30-13:15. We hope conversations can carry on into lunch and beyond! Some demonstrations may be available to interact with outside of these sessions. These will be noted in the programme on the day.

See our contribution page here for further information on talks from our esteemed speakers and poster presentions here.

Please note we are still updating this section so stay tuned!

Presenter Title Abstract Contact
Dimitris Mylonas* Colour naming brings people together In this demonstration, we explore the miscommunication involved in the use of language to describe colours via a colour card game, and present a web application (accessible at: designed to augment colour communication within and across languages.
Giada Brianza* NoseGym: An Interactive Smell Training Solution When was the last time you had your sense of smell checked? Smell is one of the most neglected senses in daily life and in HCI. In Europe and the USA, around 22% of the general adult population has some form of smell dysfunction. Today, smell training is done by sniffing essential oils in jars or scented pens. Based on advances in digital technology, we present a new interactive smell training solution to help people train their noses. At this Symposium on Human Sensory Perception, attendees will have a chance to try out our new scent-delivery device and companion App at the ‘Nose Gym’ booth.
Giulia Poerio Sensing and Feeling How does the information derived from our senses give rise to emotional responses? And what role do individual differences and contextual features play in this connection? Certain populations and non-universal sensory-emotional experiences (ASMR, misophonia, chills) can help shed light on these questions and the complex links between sensing and feeling in us all! Discover more by taking part in a range of quick 5-minute activities showcasing research questions, methods, and findings that reveal the complex connection between sensory and emotional systems.
Harry Sherwood In search of Olfactory MSG: The Hedonics of MDJ & Vanillin Some molecules in perfumery seem to misbehave, and nobody is quite sure why. Instead of their relative proportion of the formula matching their perceived presence, these molecules can disappear, grow and transform other odours, often yielding intensely pleasant smells. In this demonstration, we’ll smell some of these, and explore some potential explanations.
Nicholas Wilkinson & Anna Ciaunica What is the set-point for ‘antigravity’ homeostasis? (And is there such a thing?) A core concept in homeostasis is the set-point, for example ~37oC for body temperature. Currently, we do not seem to have a similar homeostatic conception of, nor set-point concept for, antigravity adaptation, but should we? Join us to explore the equilibrium physics of buoyancy and discuss three radical(?) conjectures regarding the non-equilibrium biophysics of antigravity adaptation.
Qian Janice Wang Auditory seasoning filter app In this demonstration we will use a custom iPhone app to explore the concept of auditory feedback delay in eating and in speaking. How sensitive are we to the different ways we make sounds with our mouths?
SIBG Taste demonstrations - are you a supertaster? In this demonstration, we invite you to come and discuss individual differences in taste responses and find out your sweet-liking phenotype, tastebud density and if you are a supertaster!
Steve Symons Entangled Instruments The Entangled Instruments project explores contingency and coordination between people as they learn to co-play a musical computer interface that directly couples their actions to create a moment of shared music making. The is no right way to play an Entangled instrument, so you do not need to have any musical knowledge or skills, but you do need someone else to experience the demonstration with. Feel free to come with a friend or colleague or just see who else turns up. Either way, someone will be there to help you get started.

*Dimitris Mylonas is only demonstrating on Thursday 20th April and Giada Brianza on Friday 21st April.